Sewer Lines


When it comes to plumbing, sometimes it’s the piping that you never even think about that ends up causing the biggest problems down the road. Take sewer lines for example. They’re well out of sight and also well out of mind, but when they start acting up, the repairs can be a major hassle . . . and a major drain on the wallet.

The main culprits behind most sewer line issues are the trees peppering your street – all those thousands of feet of twisting roots constantly in search of moisture . . . and finding the lion’s share right in your sewer line. Bingo: instant damage. And it isn’t just the older clay pipes that are the most susceptible to thirsty roots; even concrete and PVC pipes are no match for Mother Nature’s appetite.

And while trees are the prime suspects when it comes to sewer line damage, there’s plenty of other unforeseen occurrences that can wreak havoc as well: unusual objects can find their way into the line and become lodged, extreme temperature shifts and general deterioration can cause a sewer line to buckle or break, and ground shifting or improper installation can lead to sewer line misalignment.

With so much that can go wrong with a sewer line, it almost makes you want to cry when something does. Luckily, you’ve got a friendly shoulder to lean on . . . someone good for more than just sympathy. How about an experienced plumber to actually fix the problem? It’s Optimum Plumbing to the rescue once again! Our team of plumbing aces is ready, willing, and able to handle even the toughest sewer line repair jobs out there. When a pipe bursts, call on Optimum Plumbing first!